n/a If you think Africa is stunning on the ground, wait until you see its savannahs, rivers and forests from above. Nothing compares to gazing down upon a vast herd of wildebeests moving across the plains. Or a lion, cheetah or hyena lurking in the grass. You shift your gaze slightly to take in another vista where you spot a family of elephants lumbering toward a shimmering lake. The entire spectacle of this vast landscape with its innumerable creatures is on full display against a backdrop of hills, rivers, forest and grassland. A light morning breeze turns your attention to yet another scene of nature unfolding below… and then another. Meanwhile, your balloon pilot fires up the burners taking you still higher over this dawning panorama offering an earthly canvas that can only be described (and sure to be remembered) a glorious.
N/A From the sunrise to the East, the magnificent Mt.Kilimanjaro to the south, the Amboseli National Park  immediately to our north, your guests will see a full  array of game including the areas renowned  elephants, lions, giraffe, cheetah, zebra, wildebeest,  eland, waterbuck, jackals, warthogs, fox and more  than 400 species of birds in the immediate area,  depending on the day.

Hot Air Ballooning is an interactive experience and an active morning outdoors, so  wear clothing that can get dusty or dirty:

Wear clothing suitable for hiking, including sturdy shoes, socks, and a cap, plus sunglasses if you like,

We meet before sunrise, thus depending on the time of year and weather, some mornings can be quite cool,

  • Generally, it will not be any colder in the air during the flight, than on the ground, so layering clothing is recommended, so that it can be removed as the morning  warms,
  • The hot air balloon burners produce radiant heat, so it is recommended to wear a hat. The burners can sometimes drip water mixed with carbon. 
  • Launch and Landing is generally in rough terrain with weeds and sometimes thorns. Closed toe shoes are recommended for all guests.
  • High-heeled shoes and open toe shoes, such as thongs/flip flops are NOT suitable.
  • Bring a camera to capture stunning photos of the flight!
  • All passengers MUST wear a mask, due to COVID-19 protocols. 

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