n/a An African safari can be magical & even life-changing. Being surrounded by the beauty and forces of nature can transform you into new ways of looking at the world. But your safari isn’t only about time spent in the field, on the savannah, or exploring the forests. The place where you lay your head at night can be just as important. Your tented camp or lodge can also enhance your safari experience in ways you hadn’t imagined. Some of the accommodations are situated for wonderful views of lakes or mountains. Others are perfectly located to take in the wildlife even in your “off” hours. Still others are specially constructed to offer unique views of the animals as they pass by. At Sensational Adventures, we have carefully checked out all the camps and lodges to ensure they match to our standards. We offer accommodations in economy, comfort, and luxury configurations. And all are located close to the wildlife action in our National Parks, Game Reserves, and Wildlife Sanctuaries. We ensure that all these choices, from luxury to economy, will meet your comfort needs and include private bathroom facilities.

The world-famous Masai Mara Reserve offers you a choice of no less than 35 tented camps and lodgings! Some of them are located near the Mara and Talek rivers giving you a front-row seat to elephants coming to drink, while hippos and crocodiles bask nearby in their natural habitat.

Other Mara camps are set inside the Mara plains, surrounded by gazelles, zebra, and wildebeests.

At beautiful Lake Naivasha, you can choose from basic facilities all the way to a “Country Club”, with all the amenities if you so desire.

Lake Nakuru National Park is rich with acacia forests, waterfalls, and the lake with its colorful birdlife. The offerings here range from lodges with views of Africa’s Great Rift Valley to a contemporary 3-story hotel.

To the north, you’ll find Aberdare National Park’s highland setting charming but of equal note, the lodgings here are raised at tree-level affording views of the wildlife as they settle at nearby watering holes. A bit of history: England’s Princess Elizabeth arrived at one of these lodges on an African safari and while there, learned of the death of her father, the king. She arrived a princess and left as a queen.

Tsavo West National Park is large and legendary for its lions and other Big Five. Several lodges here are elevated so you can enjoy the endless vistas of the park’s immense grassy savannahs. One lodge also features a watering hole and salt lick so guests can enjoy the parade of wildlife moving about below.

And at Samburu National Park one of the accommodations is set in a natural oasis at the Shaba Reserve, right in the “Born Free Country” of Elsa the lioness that was home to Joy Adams for years.

All in all we can confidently say all our accommodation facilities have good standards and will offer you the comfort you need

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